CCTV Systems

hikdvrWhether designing a CCTV system for the home , office, warehouse, retail premises, car park area or the high street, the most important factor to consider is the requirements of the customer.

At KFS Solutions we work closely with our clients in order to identify clearly the important areas to be observed, what in particular is to be identified and the type of recording process most suited .

All CCTV systems have the facility to be viewed live and interrogated remotely by smartphone and we offer this  facility with every system installed .Most systems are now HD Internet Protocol with up to 4 MP high resolution cameras .

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We design, supply, install and maintain CCTV systems from a single observation camera in the office to a complex network of cameras in a shopping centre or high street.

hikdomeThe use of recognised industry standard equipment available from a network of suppliers ensures that not only can we respond to customers needs quickly and efficiently, but our engineers have access to all CCTV components for rapid emergency call out requirements.

With the confidence we have in the equipment we provide, KFS Solutions offer our clients the option of a 3 year fully comprehensive warranty and maintenance agreement on any system installed.

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