Integrated Systems

honeywell4An integrated system allows each component of the security system ie the intruder alarm the access control and the CCTV system to be controlled and monitored from a central control unit which links to one or more PC.

The PC would generally have a plan view graphical representation of each area or floor level with icons showing each security device making it very easy for the controller to overview events.

honeywell6In the event of an alarm condition the controller can instantly react and electronic prompts can be placed on the graphical display to help inexperienced users .

The systems are generally set up for cause an effect ,for example if a door contact goes into alarm then the nearest CCTV camera moves on a pre determined tour to the area covered by the contact .It may also put the recording medium generally digital ,into real time recording for a short period or until the condition is verified and cleared.

In some environments where access control is present all doors barriers gates and turnstiles will lock in the event of an alarm to help prevent egress of the building and again the CCTV will also highlight exactly which area is in alarm allowing quick response from security personel.

honeywell5The Fire Alarm can also be integrated to the system as can intercom systems horns and lighting .Remote transmission of the events to a central station is also possible.

The Integrated system set up and utilized correctly can drastically reduce man hours required on a site freeing security personnel for other needs.

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